To-Do’s & Paint Dipped Bar Stools

So we haven’t posted any updates from our process of home-making. It’s not that there has been nothing to show. Life has just been busy… as usual.

Our Housewarming party is in nearly two weeks, and here’s a look at the massive To-Do List that both of our type-A personalities worked up:

  1. Find a rug for our living room
  2. Purchase & hang curtains in all rooms
  3. Clean out reading nook
  4. Finish pallet wall in reading nook
  5. Make built in bench in reading nook
  6. Paint accessories white (suitcase, antlers, herb box, lamp, etc.)
  7. Finish Hollie’s desk area
  8. Hang wall art
  9. Fix Lawn Mower
  10. Hang string lights in back yard
  11. Make bedroom headboard
  12. Paint bathroom shelf
  13. Paint Dining room cabinet
  14. Purchase Rocking Chairs
  15. Make front porch swing
  16. Dip Kitchen stools white

Sounds like a lot, huh? Well, so far, we have completed the ones that are crossed out & we have two weeks left before our housewarming! Luckily, today is my last day of summer semester & my days will become a little more free. Let’s see if we can do it. Before we go, here is a short tutorial on…


A recent favorite project of ours & cost us UNDER $35 BUCKS FOR TWO!

7:24:13 diy stools

1st: We measured, top to bottom, 5 inches of the stool leg & taped each leg off at 5 inches. Because our legs were slanted outward, we just taped with the slant of the legs rather than taping a straight line parallel with the floor.

2nd: We applied two coats of white paint with a sponge brush.

3rd: Since the sponge brush left too many streaks, we decided to apply a final coat of high gloss spray paint. To keep the bottom part of the legs clean, we taped trash bags around the legs to keep the paint out while we sprayed.

4th: We left the stools to dry overnight, removed the tape the next morning, and enjoyed them during breakfast!

7:24:13 HSL stools


2 Landon Barstools 24″ from Target – $31.78 total

Behr White Self Priming Semi-Gloss Enamel – already had a gallon (and lots leftover) from painting the office baseboard.

1 can of White High Gloss spray paint – $2.67  = $34.45 + tax

These more expensive metal ones from Target would be cool too, right? Yes. They would dope. 7:24:13 HSL dope stools

Stay tuned to see the final outcome for the housewarming party & more projects to come!


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